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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A paws in the work day

Work getting you down?  Try some furry inspiration in your office to bolster your spirits...

The reason I bought the last EMAC Apple made, so that Pumpkin would have a place to sit.  As a kitten she would actually fall sleep on top of it.

Littleone waiting for some action...or a scratch...

Martha Stewart's board members waiting for her to return to the office...

And, of course, the first family dog, Bo...

For those who just can't take the fur...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful file folders

If you are looking for inspiration in your office, you have to think outside of the manilla box. Try adding any of these beautiful folders to brighten your desk and your filing cabinets.  You may even find your feelings toward your clients improve when their paperwork is housed in a gorgeous file.

These are my personal favorites by Mudlark, which I found at my local stationery store...

These are from See Jane Work

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laure's little office

Laure's blog athomeathome was one of the inspirations for AIWS and now you can see why... this was the first post I found... followed by her latest post...

I set up a little office in the bonus room at the top of the stairs. This is the stuff we had on hand so it isn't yet what I envision. I want to paint the desk either charcoal or white, add a rug, get the seat cushion recovered in a new fabric and get a little daybed or cozy chair for the other side of the office. I thought I'd be really into the lamp, but I might swap it for a task lamp and then get a globe light for the room.

In the frames are pictures of my grandmothers (one is weaving and the sad girl is one of her weavings). This was my solution for getting all the framed stuff up off the floor and hung. There's still more but this is what would fit, in the meantime, on this wall.

It is so nice to be able to shut the door to a separate office. And also to make a big mess and only have it affect me!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm running in a 5k on sunday and then planning to indulge in a host of sugar related treats!

Despite positive reviews for my little office, I did a swaparoo to accommodate a little credenza I found at the salvation army and painted with leftover paint from the kitchen. I love it, though it's sort of so small that it's not that practical for storing the boxes I have full of decorations, supplies and photographs. 

I paired it with Elliott's pelican, a poster I found at a store in Portland for $4, a thrift store print of Mt. Hood and the portraits of my grandmothers that I love so. I'm also trying out a succulent I had sitting outside. Not sure if there's enough light in there. And, of course, Hazel likes to squeeze herself in anywhere she can.

Anywho, I put it against the wall that the desk use to be against and now the desk is on the other side, though it needs some major tlc so it doesn't look so sad and alone over there.

I'd like a nice chair to cuddle up in next to it. And I'm still searching for the rug that went missing after our move because I think it would be perfect for covering up the wall to wall.

I love this little room. It clearly used to be a sleeping porch that someone walled in at some point. But it feels like a little tree house. In another life, this would be my bedroom.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

About white

As I've been scouring all the corners of the earth for photos of inspirational workspaces, I've noticed that white very often plays a significant role - especially in home offices.  And based on my experience, I would say these offices and workspaces belong to women, as women most often seem to prefer light, bright spaces.

White used to be associated with the offices of doctors and dentists, but not anymore...

From Flickr by Javabali

From Martha Stewart

From Martha Stewart

From Shelter Interior Design

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