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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Absolutely Beautiful Things...

oh how I love Anna Spiro's beautiful blog Absolutely Beautiful Things...  I offer this post and introduction to Mariska Meijers

Today I am inspired by the artwork and words of Mariska Meijers. I have posted some of her lovely paintings and images of her creative space above.

In her own words...

"I collect, tower and pile stuff. I just can't help it. My house is like an over sized mood board. I hardly have room to manoeuvre. I admire people with empty houses and just can't figure out how they do it. I need my stuff, it inspires me, it is part of my life..."

I'm with you Mariska, all the way!!

Anna Spiro

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My own office make over

One of my readers has asked about my own office, which is actually an armoire off my dining area.   As my business evolves, my office needs change, so usually once a year I like to take it apart, clean it and then organize it.  This is the "before" photo.

The process of organizing a space is always the same.  Julia Morgenstern named this process SPACE, which stands for Sorting/Purging/Assigning a home/Containerizing/Equalizing.  I have adapted this to suit my own process, SPACED. Adding the D = Decorating.

The first step - Sorting, begins with my taking everything out of the armoire and cleaning it.  I use a vacuum, a swiffer duster, a bottle of spray cleaner and rags to go over every surface.   The computer and phone are turned off, but left in place, as I know they will be staying in those positions.

Next, I sort through everything I have taken off of the shelves and decide what will stay and what I no longer need.  Its been years since I had to use a three-hold punch, so there is no need for that to be taking up valuable real estate in my desk.  Last year I bought an IPHONE, so the charger needed to be added to the phone area and the cord neatly tucked into place.

After the Sorting/Purging, I Assign a home to the returning items. Rebuilding the desk by putting things back in the order of their importance for my use.  Obviously, the computer and phone are the first things to be placed.  Then my client folders and my activity files need to go in next.

I just keep adding in the next level of important items. Adjusting the shelving as I built upwards.   I was able to Containerize as I went along.

After everything that I want back in the space is in place, I spend a bit of time making sure that everything looks, feels and works where I put it (Equalizing).

Finally, I hang my calendar, my favorite poem and added my ivy (Decorating) and I am ready to get down to business.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Nobel Prize for organizing a classroom...

OMG, I nearly fainted when I saw these photos on ... A kindergarden teacher (MinsyMins) has posted these photos on Flickr :

It is very difficult to keep a kindergarten classroom organized. Kids tend to put things back in the closest possible space. When I first moved into the room I made sure that each manipulative had its own bin and own space. I found myself moving the bins to put them back in "my order" and that prompted the idea of the photo label. 

I spent some of my own money to buy these Sterilite matching bins. They are lightweight, sturdy plastic. The handles make them very easy for the children to carry and slide across the floor. They're easy to clean and are aesthetically pleasing when lined up on our shelves! 

I moved the adjustable shelves around in order to accommodate our specific puzzles and games. I don't put all the puzzles out at one time - it's too overwhelming and too much to manage. We keep half out for the first semester and keep the other half stored in a closet. We switch at winter break. 

Our classroom library now features a book display, a few mixed shelves, and then a topic/author shelf. The books on the display (left) are changed as we switch themes and content topics. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There are lots of stories about the wonderful offices at Pixar.  It seems that employees are able to design their own workspaces and some of those spaces are very inspirational indeed.  I hope they make enough money on Toy Story 3 to pay the PG&E bill, as some of these spaces appear a bit dark...

I love this open concept workspace - great for women...

And here's a work "cave", which is great for men...

These rows of private work sheds give people the feeling of being "home" while at work...

These photos from everywhere on the web.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An interior designer's office...

My dear friend, Toni Berry, of Marie Antoniette Interiors, sent these photos of her inspired workspace...

I liked Toni's pencil holder urn so much, I took an urn I have and did the same... now that's inspiration at work!

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