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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bring on the colors!

Maybe just because we've had such a gray, rainy winter, color is on my mind. Color is a huge subject and a very personal one. How do you feel about color, especially in your work areas? Do you want to be surrounded by color or just a splash of it here and there?

I think many of us are afraid to use color because we are uncertain which colors we like enough to make the commitment to. Sometimes we think we will tire of the color and be sorry we invested in it. We're also afraid we'll offend a client or customer who might come to our space.

Many companies have used color as their brand identity - UPS' brown, Coke's red and white wave, McDonald's golden arches. For my own All Things Home™ brand, I use teal as my main color.

What colors inspire you? Before committing to painting the walls, investing in furniture or supplies, try bringing something into the office with those colors and see how you feel.

Here are some beautiful and colorful offices for inpiration...

This office by Lori Dennis (HGTV) uses colorful artwork and accessories.

This office uses colorful accessories from AbsolutelyBeautifulThings.

Kim Myles (HGTV) has painted the walls and kept the rest of the space neutral.

Designer Constance Ramos (HGTV) has also used color on the walls while keeping everything else low key.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Feng Shui

Sharon Stasney has written a wonderful series of books on feng shui. This book, Feng Shui Your Work Spaces is a bit hard to find, but worth the effort.

Sharon says, "Whether you are in an office situation or conduct your business at home, the choices you make when setting up your work area establish the tone for everything that happens there. It's easy to create an attractive environment that promotes professional advancement when you know more about feng shui..."

Without delving into the intricacies of feng shui, I find that it simply promotes good sense and good design principles. Don't sit with your back to a door - don't block a window with a tall filing cabinet - pay some attention to the materials and colors you use. These ideas are easy to implement and can make a big difference in the way you FEEL in your workspace. And I believe that how you feel in your space is half the battle of being successful in your business.

This inspired office uses all the elements -earth/wooden furniture - water/blue upholstry - fire/fireplace - air/windows. (Photo from HGTV - Nicole Sassaman, Designer)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Carolyne Roehm

One of my "most inpiring" people... everything this woman does is elegant and beautiful. Her books are astounding gorgeous.

Design is second nature to Carolyne. Over her designing career, she has created clothes, accessories, books, decorative accessories for the home, interiors, home fragrance and candles, table linens and table tops, flowers, paper products, glassware and luggage. Regardless of the medium, her unerring eye and innate sense of style have turned out classic, timeless products with lasting beauty and elegance.

Ms. Roehm had a beautiful website and online magazine, which closed over a year ago. One of the articles she wrote was on office organizing - I'll quote it here:

If you are like me, you sometimes feel as if the office door leads to a black hole of papers--endless piles of unanswered mail, mislaid messages, bills, catalogs, magazines, and junk mail. It’s easy to park everything in the dreaded “to be filed” folder and try to forget about it. The problem is, it never goes away.

In an effort to clear out and prepare for spring, I inevitably need to set aside time to clean off my desk and freshen up my files. Here are some ways I make my office a pleasant and productive work space.

Elements of Style

Every office space should be good-looking and functional. You will be more likely to keep it orderly.

Install a shelf for resource and reference books, such as telephone directories, a dictionary, and a thesaurus.

Post tickets, notes, and items that need immediate attention on a decorative bulletin or cork board.

Place labels on boxes containing stationary, note cards, menu and place cards, reminder cards, and invitations.

Put all gift-wrapping supplies—ribbons, paper, tags, etc.—in one deep drawer.

If you collect certain magazines, box and label them and place them on a shelf or in a drawer.

Ask your accountant or tax advisor which bills and records you need to save (and for how long). Shred the rest.

Photocopy your birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, insurance cards, credit cards, and Social Security cards and keep them in a central file.
Time Savers

Keep a personal telephone book for services. Include everything from the florist and dry cleaner to doctors, dentists, accountants and the auto repair shop.

Laminate typed lists of frequently called numbers and place them next to appropriate telephones. Make condensed version for your bag or briefcase.

Organize photographs in labeled boxes or manila envelopes. Arranging them in photo albums later will be a lot easier.

Create a series of desk folders labeled BILLS, TO DO, TO FILE, and IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

Set aside a half hour each week to empty the TO FILE folder. The discipline will pay off in spades!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inspired Workspaces.

Inspiring workspaces can be any size and any where...

from Carolyne Roehm

from Carolyne Roehm

just shows you can use any space and turn it into a sweet workspace...

from absolutelybeautifulthings.

a home office that inspires creativity...

Betsey Burnham's office from athomathome.
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