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Friday, March 25, 2011

Creating a Stylish Home Office...

This post by UK designer Atelier Abigail Ahern sums up this professional organizer's feelsings about home offices beautifully:

Whether that’s a nook under the stairs, a spare bedroom,  a private library or a desk in the corner  a home office should look as fabulous as every other area of your home. I have pulled out pretty much from being in the store at all (a scary decision but a necessary one) and now use  my home office as my base. Except it doesn’t actually look like a home office – imagine a vintage 50s gnome (from an amusement park) which doubles up as a light hanging out on the balcony near my desk, a woollen zeebra rug skimming the floor, apples crates full of logs for my fire and a zillion different lights from supersized to teeny tiny. Since this is where ideas come to life I want a space that inspires and stimulates. Layer your office as you would your living room, art on walls, heaps of cushions on chairs, flowers, books all that personalise stuff that transforms a room from being ordinary to extra ordinary. The two images below illustrate rather  beautifully how this can be done – both images from Elle Decor:

If your office shares a spare with your living area treat it in the exactly same way – layer, layer, layer and personalise.

This pretty much nails what I am talking about at first glance you wouldn’t really think it was an office.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How much space do you need for an office...

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for these photos of very small offices.  If your space is beautiful and organized, you can work successfully in a very small area...

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