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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Nobel Prize for organizing a classroom...

OMG, I nearly fainted when I saw these photos on ... A kindergarden teacher (MinsyMins) has posted these photos on Flickr :

It is very difficult to keep a kindergarten classroom organized. Kids tend to put things back in the closest possible space. When I first moved into the room I made sure that each manipulative had its own bin and own space. I found myself moving the bins to put them back in "my order" and that prompted the idea of the photo label. 

I spent some of my own money to buy these Sterilite matching bins. They are lightweight, sturdy plastic. The handles make them very easy for the children to carry and slide across the floor. They're easy to clean and are aesthetically pleasing when lined up on our shelves! 

I moved the adjustable shelves around in order to accommodate our specific puzzles and games. I don't put all the puzzles out at one time - it's too overwhelming and too much to manage. We keep half out for the first semester and keep the other half stored in a closet. We switch at winter break. 

Our classroom library now features a book display, a few mixed shelves, and then a topic/author shelf. The books on the display (left) are changed as we switch themes and content topics. 

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