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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Filing cabinets - the good, the bad and the ugly...

Almost everyone is familiar with the that awful, banged up metal filing cabinet that haunts the corner of most offices, or the back of your garage.  The stickers and magnets still can't disguise it's unfortunate ugly usefulness.  Is there any alternative...

This is the Innovex KG02 Filing Cabinet from Amazon.

These DIY painted and stenciled cabinet photos from Apartment Therapy.

From Home Decorators.

From Ikea.

From Sugar Plum Oak.


  1. Thanks for posting - I own 5 of the old ugly type of file cabinets and am looking forward to taking my business paperless and getting the space back. Glad to know there are more attractive alternatives.

  2. Well, the primary use of a filing cabinet is to store files and documents, but having an aesthetically pleasing cabinet can sure liven up the atmosphere of any room. The choices your have here are quite unique. The ornamental cabinets look the best, though.


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