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Friday, March 25, 2011

Creating a Stylish Home Office...

This post by UK designer Atelier Abigail Ahern sums up this professional organizer's feelsings about home offices beautifully:

Whether that’s a nook under the stairs, a spare bedroom,  a private library or a desk in the corner  a home office should look as fabulous as every other area of your home. I have pulled out pretty much from being in the store at all (a scary decision but a necessary one) and now use  my home office as my base. Except it doesn’t actually look like a home office – imagine a vintage 50s gnome (from an amusement park) which doubles up as a light hanging out on the balcony near my desk, a woollen zeebra rug skimming the floor, apples crates full of logs for my fire and a zillion different lights from supersized to teeny tiny. Since this is where ideas come to life I want a space that inspires and stimulates. Layer your office as you would your living room, art on walls, heaps of cushions on chairs, flowers, books all that personalise stuff that transforms a room from being ordinary to extra ordinary. The two images below illustrate rather  beautifully how this can be done – both images from Elle Decor:

If your office shares a spare with your living area treat it in the exactly same way – layer, layer, layer and personalise.

This pretty much nails what I am talking about at first glance you wouldn’t really think it was an office.

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