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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The offices of Mad Men (and their girls!)...

Okay, I am hooked on AMC's Mad Men.  I managed to avoid the series until recently, when I was bored and pushed the "On Demand" button, on my Comcast cable box.  Up came Mad Men, so I gorged myself on all of season 3.  This led to renting the first 2 seasons and now I am hooked.

I hate to admit it, but I am just old enough to recognize some of this... I learned to type on one of those beige IBM Selectrics.  Sets decorated by Amy Wells.

These photos are of the old Sterling Cooper office.  At the end of last season the new Sterling Cooper Drapper Pryce office was in a hotel room.

What would I like to see make a come back?  Cocktail hour... Who do I most want to be?  Why, Joan, of course!

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